My Personal Cancer Journey — Another Round of Radiation

Here we go again. Another round of one of my favorite things. And this time they will irradiate my brain! Well, a discussion with the radiation oncologists relieved my mind (get it?) a bit when she described the procedure and delineated potential outcomes. She said that metastasis of lung cancer to the brain is extremely common and that the cancer cells begin to appear as many small lesions. Because of this typical situation radiation is extremely effective in eliminating these lesions completely. Rarely will they return after radiation treatment. This, of course, was really good news for me.

She also said that there are few side effects from brain radiation except for loss of hair (again!) and fatigue. All in all, we were reassured and confident that this is the best next step for me and my cancer. Treatment begins at 11:30 AM this morning and continues once a day for 10 days (excluding weekends).




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