My Personal Cancer Journey — Death Sentence

I went for a CT Scan on Monday, January 7, 2013. When I called the doctor on Tuesday afternoon, he said he would like to see me on Thursday to discuss the results. When I insisted on getting more information, he said the CT Scan was “NASTY,” and that we would discuss it further at my appointment on Thursday (1-10).

On Wednesday morning after Lee & I did our usual volunteer work — reading to the blind — Lee suggested that I try to see the doctor earlier. I replied that I would call to ask if there was a cancellation. She said, “No, we’re not calling, we going to the office to ask.” (I love my wife — she is so assertive in these matters.  I would have simply called and waited until Thursday). Instead, we walked into the office and basically waited until the doctor could see us.

His diagnosis was a “death sentence.” You have lung cancer, a rare tumor in the upper right lung called a Pancoast Tumor. It has metastasized into several lymph nodes and has also invaded both lungs. STAGE 4 — inoperable, incurable, terminal.

The tumor pressing on a nerve plexus in my shoulder area is probably causing the pain that I experienced in my arm. He referred me to an oncologist at Roger Williams Hospital (where he is affiliated).

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