My Personal Cancer Journey — Decision Time Fast Approaches

As the basketball expression states, “the ball is in my court.” I have spoken with my RI doctor and he feels that all treatments can be accomplished in ┬áRhode Island. He is not sure about the urgency of radiation, because he would like to see my next CT Scan (scheduled for this coming Monday), and wants to know if there is danger of damage to my spinal nerves. Otherwise, he feels that we can wait a bit to initiate the radiation treatments.

His only other reservation concerns insurance payments. Because I am involved in a trial treatment, which is not the standard cocktail of chemotherapy drugs, Rhode Island may have a problem paying for these treatments. RI is more conservative than Florida regarding experimental therapies. Thus, I should investigate reimbursement to be sure that I will be covered if I continue my chemo in RI.

At any rate, I must decide, over the next week or two whether to head home around May 1st or complete my treatments here and return home around the 15th.

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