My Personal Cancer Journey — Great News!

We have been anticipating our visit to Massachusetts General Hospital for days and days, afraid to have high expectations lest they be dashed to the ground. Well, our appointment was yesterday and things could not have turned out better.

Accompanied by my wife, Lee, my sister, Anne, and my daughter, Kira, we met the hospital’s resident expert on the EGFR Mutation. First of all, she affirmed our treatment plan by saying that this is what they would have done with me had I gone for treatment initially to Mass General.

Secondly, she doubled my life expectancy to three (3) years or more because she feels the Tarceva is already working and should continue to work successfully for quite a while. She further indicated that there are new trials beginning all the time which feature promising new medications that I should be able to take advantage of since I have that special mutation.

We obviously left the Yawkey Center elated and feeling extremely positive about my future. What a difference a day makes!

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