My Personal Cancer Journey — Lack of Focus

Lee and I are both suffering from it. This lack of focus is very disturbing. We cannot seem to stick to a task without our minds wandering. It’s as if there is something in the back of our minds which inserts itself into everything we do. Obviously, I know that it is my cancer and the foreboding associated with it which is the source of this lack of focus. But how do we dismiss it? How can we concentrate on tasks or events without being interrupted or distracted?”

Will this be our lot for the next three (3) years? I suppose that our lack of focus is kind of like the “elephant in the room,” an ominous cloud which is constantly sitting off in the distance, always in view out of the corner of an eye. I guess cancer does this to a person. It won’t let me forget about it for a while. It is always in my psyche — a curse that will last for as long as I live.

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