My Personal Cancer Journey — Narcotics

Now I know how an addict feels when they take their drug of choice. I am receiving 10 mg of Oxycodone every four (4) hours and it is affecting me strongly. I am drowsy and extremely mellow. My problems have drifted away and seem to be separated from me (I nodded off to sleep in the middle of the previous sentence, so you can tell how out-of-it I am). Enough about the drugs, except that I hope I can reduce the dosages soon.

My doctor is extremely concerned about my back pain and feels that we should attempt to find the cause (although he agrees that the pain is not related to my cancer). He feels that the pain is muscular. Thus, he has ordered two (2) MRI’s and a CT Scan of the regions affected. I left the Cleveland Clinic feeling very good about the chances of resolving this very annoying situation.

Now I must sleep!!

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