My Personal Cancer Journey — No Radiation Yet

My scheduled chemotherapy was postponed yesterday, since my oncologist had no recent blood tests to determine if I could handle the strain. My hemoglobin has been fairly low lately and that is always a concern. I will have the chemo this morning, the last of the latest cycle and then have next week off — thankfully!

I did however meet with my cancer doctor yesterday and he convinced me that I should not have radiation treatment any time soon. He feels that this chemo regimen WILL work on the bone lesions, perhaps not as fast or as dramatically, but he thinks that the radiation will weaken my bones even more than the lesions do and I could risk stress fractures. He led me to understand that fractures are a very real possibility, especially in a big guy like me, and that wound recovery is extremely difficult when on avastin.

We also decided that we will schedule my next CT Scan after the fourth cycle of chemotherapy is completed. That should be around the middle of June. At that point we can reassess my cancer and decide what to do next.

All in all it was a good appointment and I am sincerely glad to be under his care once again. I have considerable confidence in him, and, as a terminally ill cancer patient, that kind of trust is very important.

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