My Personal Cancer Journey — Oh, What a Relief It Is

What a difference a day makes! After my worst day with side-effects since my chemotherapy began, back in September, I felt like a new person on Tuesday. All the side effects had disappeared, even the persistent joint pains. What a transformation! I felt like I did before my cancer was diagnosed, more than two (2) years ago. Let’s hope it lasts. If, in the future, I only have to endure one day of agony, like Monday, I can handle this chemotherapy easily.

Now the only thing I have to worry about is whether the chemotherapy is actually working on my cancer. I am unlikely to know for sure until my next CT Scan, which won’t be until mid-May. Obviously I will remain positive, but it’s hard to forget the two months of my life that were wasted, last year, when I was on the Gilotrif pill. We didn’t know then, until a CT Scan, that my tumors were growing and that the pill was ineffective. Trusting in modern medicine becomes more difficult when one has experienced this kind of disappointment. But, at this point I believe in Avastin and Abraxane.

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