My Personal Cancer Journey — Radiology Reports

I picked up copies of my latest CT Scans and MRI’s, along with radiology reports for those scans so that I can send them to my RI cancer doctor. Although some of the language of the reports is beyond me, I was able to decipher much of the information. In this way I learned that there are already several suspicious bone lesions, probably metastatic cancer, in my hips. This will probably be the next place from which I will experience pain. I also learned that my spinal lesions (tumors) are as large as 1.7 cm in diameter, about 2/3 of an inch.

As I have previously reported, the radiology reports here in Florida include information about organs in the vicinity of the scan. My heart is mildly enlarged. My liver contains fatty deposits which may be precursors to liver disease. There are no aneurysms, thank goodness. These reports are so packed with useful information that I wonder why doctors do not do a routine CT Scan of the chest and abdomen of their patients as a diagnostic tool. I suppose that the cost would be prohibitive.

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