My Personal Cancer Journey — Regrets

I am trying so hard to eliminate having regrets! I am making lists of people to see and thank before I die; I am culling my bucket list so that what’s left is still doable and that these things matter; my travel list has been reduced to what I consider to be the essential places to see before I die; I am getting my important papers in order.

However, I have found that there are still regrets that I cannot eliminate, and some of these things are breaking my heart:

I will be leaving the love of my life alone

I will never see my grandchildren grow up, marry, and have kids of their own

There may be grandchildren that I will never see

I will never truly know if I am right about the end of life

I will never be able to play theĀ Warsaw Concerto (My Uncle Tony once told me that this piece separated those who could really play piano from the rest)

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