My Personal Cancer Journey — Stocking Up

Lee & I used to like to stock up on things when there were great sales or when we went to BJ’s. However, my cancer has made me reluctant to stock up on things that I really like, since who knows how long I will be able to enjoy them? It isn’t even that I am dying and I don’t know when it will happen. I also know that, once this magic pill of mine ceases to work anymore (and I’ve been assured that it will happen), I may have to resort to chemotherapy.

I’ve been told that people on chemotherapy lose their desire for food; food doesn’t taste as good anymore. If that happens, I don’t want to have lots of jars of “Miracle Whip” on the shelf — Lee seldom uses it. I won’t need large boxes of cereal — Lee hardly ever has cereal.

So cancer leads to a new way of shopping. Shop more like the Europeans, one day at a time.

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