My Personal Cancer Journey — Successful Experiment

Our grand experiment was a success. We decided to push the envelope and make our annual pilgrimage to Saratoga Springs, NY, despite the fact that my energy level has been very low lately. I was almost dreading the trip because I didn’t feel confident that I could make the entire weekend. However, things worked out very well. Sure I was exhausted at the end of each day, but I was able to last.

Everyone in our group helped the cause by babying me. They dropped me off before parking so I wouldn’t have a long walk. They refused to let me carry heavy things. They made bets for me so that I didn’t have to get up very often.

Keep in mind that these are marathon days! We get up early and spend the entire day at the track, followed by dinner. Basically we do 12 hour days, with the time in between spent handicapping. I did have some difficulty focusing for long periods, but I got the job done and actually won a few bucks over the course of the weekend. I am so glad that we carried out our experiment and I feel reassured that I can handle an intense weekend.

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