My Personal Cancer Journey — The Countdown Has Begun

Lee and I, in keeping with the spirit of my cancer, have both generated bucket lists containing the things that we would like to do before we die. We have them mounted on our refrigerator at home so that these dreams stay in the forefront of our minds. We are finally able to begin the countdown, to cross items off these lists as we accomplish our final desires.

We went to the Boston Pops Concert, at Symphony Hall, on Wednesday night and saw a marvelous program which focused on “music of the movies.” As a bonus we were treated to John Williams, the long-time past conductor of the Pops, conducting many of his own music themes. Some of the most memorable pieces included music from Star WarsIndiana Jones, and ET.

So we have now checked off one of Lee’s Bucket List items. Next will be our Scandinavian Cruise (one item on my bucket list), scheduled for June 24th, only about ten (10) days from now. Wednesday night gave me a feeling of accomplishment; we are finally beginning the process of dealing with death.

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