My Personal Cancer Journey — Top 100 (or so) Novels, 41-50

We who are near the end of our lives are frequently asked to give advice to younger folks about life. Since reading has been an important part of my life, I have decided that I would share my top books with my readers. Beginning with novels (my favorite genre), I will list my top 100 of all time. For brevity sake I will list them in groups of ten, arranged alphabetically by author. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my selections. See how many you have read. Enjoy!

41. Follett, Ken — Pillars of the Earth (and the remainder of his historical novels: World Without End, Fall of Giants, Winter of the World) 

42. Fowles, John – The Magus 

43. Gide, Andre — The Counterfeiters 

44. Golding, William — Lord of the Flies 

45. Gogol, Nikolai — Dead Souls 

46. Graves, Robert — I, Claudius 

47. Greene, Graham — Heart of the Matter 

48. Greene, Graham — The Power and the Glory 

49. Hammett. Dashiel — The Maltese Falcon 

50. Hamsun, Knut — Hunger

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