My Personal Cancer Journey — Top 50 Theatrical Plays, # 31-40

I love the theater! Plays are so much more personal than movies. Of course, entertainment like this is best appreciated live, especially the musicals, but these works of Art can at least be read and appreciated if modern performances are not available. Many deal with profound human issues while some are strictly entertainment, but they are all enjoyable. See if you agree with my choices. Check out any that you have not experienced in your lifetime. I will present them in groups of ten, listed alphabetically by author or lyricist.

31. Rodgers, Richard, and Oscar Hammerstein — Oklahoma

32. Rodgers, Richard, and Oscar Hammerstein — South Pacific

33. Sartre, Jean-Paul — No Exit

34. Schonberg, Claude-Michel, and Alain Boubil — Les Miserables

35. Schwartz, Stephen — Godspell

36. Shakespeare, William — Hamlet

37. Shakespeare, William — King Lear

38. Shakespeare, William — MacBeth

39. Shakespeare, William — Romeo and Juliet

40. Shakespeare, William — The Tempest

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