Next 250 Best Travel Destinations — Asia 2

            Here is the second installment of Asian tourist sites which are among the best travel destinations in the world, according to Gary. This group includes the Gulf states as well as mainland Asia.


                    Muscat — whitewashed buildings and impressive forts can be found here

              Phillipine Islands

                    Banaue Rice Terraces — one of the world’s best examples of the architecture associated with growing rice on hillsides


                    Lake Baikal — the largest lake in the world

              South Korea

                     Seoul — a vibrant city which balances the modern with the ancient

             Sri Lanka

                    Kandy — most popular destination on this intriguing island off the coast of India

                    Sigiriya — there are  several impressive Buddhist temples here


                    Aleppo — Roman ruins


                    Ayuthaya — ancient capital of Siam, now in ruins

                    Chiang Mai — most important city in northern Thailand (Walking Tour available for purchase on website)

                    Phuket — extremely popular beach resort


                   Pamukkale — white terraces over which warm water from thermal springs flows 

              United Arab Emirates (UAE)

                   Dubai — one of the world’s most impressive collection of buildings and developments


                   Samarkand — important stop on the Silk Road


                   Sana’a — significant Arab architecture

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