Next 250 Best Travel Destinations — Caribbean

        The islands of the Caribbean Sea are popular destinations because of their proximity to the USA and Europe as well as for their variety. Many of the islands should rank among the best travel destinations in the world.

         Aruba — a Dutch island with ideal tropical weather                 


         Antigua — very popular with cruise ships                  

St Johns & Harbor

         Bahamas — probably the closest islands to the coast of the USA

         Barbados — contains a variety of activities and interesting sights for the tourist                   

Bathsheba Coast

         Bermuda (not strictly a Caribbean island) — a British enclave alone in the Atlantic Ocean; captivating, with beautiful scenery and pink sand beaches                  

St Peter's Church

          British Virgin Islands — a group of gems                

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

         Cayman Islands — the capital, George Town, is a charming place to visit (Walking Tour available for purchase on website)                

George Town

Peace Memorial & Clock Tower

         Curacao — Another Dutch island off the South American coast

         Grenada — known as the Spice Island                   


         Martinique — pleasantly French with a prominent volcano                         

Mount Pelee

         St Kitts

         St Lucia — famous for its Pitons and a drive-in volcano                     


         St Maarten — Another charming Dutch island

         Trinidad — well known for its elaborate Carnevale                 


Queens Royal College

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