My Personal Cancer Journey — CT Scan Surprises

A careful reading of my recent CT Scan results shows that, when these tests are done down here in Florida, there is information given which has little or nothing to do with my cancer, the reason for the scan. Thus, I was able to discover that I have a moderate amount of calcified coronary atherosclerotic plaque (the plaque that comes from the build-up of cholesterol in the bloodstream). There is also calcification of the aortic valve, the valve that controls blood flow to the aorta from the heart, which may contribute to aortic stenosis (narrowing).

I was also made aware that I have moderate cardiomegaly (enlarged heart), as well as a fracture to a lateral mid left rib.

The CT Scans that I had in RI never hinted at anything other than my tumors. Even though I am surprised and somewhat disturbed about these findings, I am glad that the CT Scans that I receive down here provide this type of additional information. It’s always better to be more informed.

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