My Personal Cancer Journey — The Saga Continues

And so… the saga continues. Not only am I no closer to a resolution of my problem concerning my lack of cancer medication, I may actually be further from a solution than I was yesterday.

Nothing arrived the mail yesterday from my mail-order pharmacy. As a result of this disappointment, I went on their website only to discover that the “new” shipping date for my prescription was October 29th. Obviously I called immediately and found, much to my dismay, that everything that I had been told about my prescription had been LIES!

To make a long story short, I finally spoke with someone in the Specialty Drug Department who told me that my prescription had not even been ordered or approved. The procedure that I must use in the future with my Tarceva was thoroughly explained.

My next surprise was that it will not be shipped until November 6th — that is a full two (2) weeks from the date that my pills ran out. What might happen to me in those two weeks? Obviously my cancer will be free of the onslaught from the Tarceva medication and will, no doubt, run rampant. My tumors will likely begin to grow again. Will there be pain? Who knows?

Obviously we cannot allow that to happen. We are still determined to find another source of Tarceva that can be obtained much sooner than Nov 6th. Stay tuned as we explore other avenues..

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