Where in the World is Gary? #131

This new series is a throwback to the game, “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” I will give a brief description of a place, including its latitude and longitude and several “interesting” facts about the location. I will also try to include a picture or two from my visit to the place. You, the reader, can then hazard a guess to answer the question posed in the game.

I will reveal the correct location on the following day. Hopefully, this type of post will encourage interaction and perhaps stimulate comments. Good Luck!

The answer to yesterday’s place (#130) is Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA

Where in the World is Gary?   #131

Latitude — 51° 10′ North

Longitude — 1° 50′ West

This megalithic World Heritage site is 5,000 years old.

Megalithic Site

Megalithic Site

Mysteries abound surrounding this place, such as, who built it, how did they erect it, etc. Sarsens and Lintels are important elements here. Seasonal changes are chronicled here.

Heelstone & CIrcle

Heelstone & CIrcle

The local specialty here is “rock cakes.”

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