Photo Album — Yucatan Peninsula

      The Yucatan is the easternmost part of Mexico, jutting into the Caribbean Sea and creating the Gulf of Mexico. Much of its popularity is associated with its gorgeous beaches. Cancun has long been a premier destination for sun-worshippers.                      

Cancun Beach

Now the Mexican Riviera, places like Playa del Carmen and other locations facing the Caribbean, are being developed and attracting scores of additional travelers. Diving is another popular activity. The island of Cozumel is considered a significant dive-stop for enthusiasts and offers many other attractions for tourists too.                       

El Mirador, Cozumel

             Besides all this, the Yucatan area contains several notable Mayan archaeological sites. Chichen Itza, one of Mexico’s most well-preserved and most impressive sites is slightly more than a one hour’s drive from Cancun;                    

El Castillo, Chichen Itza

       the ruins here are extensive and sprawl over a large area since this appears to have been a ceremonial city and a gathering place for Mayans from far and wide.                   

The Observatory at Chichen Itza

Tulum, the only Mayan site located on the water, sits between Cancun and the Playa del Carmen.                


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