Places of a Lifetime – Urban Spaces

       At the turn of the millenium, National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine published a special issue, entitled, 50 Places of  Lifetime, The World’s Greatest Destinations. Over the next few weeks, I will revisit this list, which was divided into five categories, Urban Spaces, Wild Places, Paradise Found, Country Unbound, and World Wonders. Following the recap, which will also include a photo album, I will attempt to come up with my own list. Hope you enjoy the result.
    Places of a Lifetime – Urban Spaces
         1. New York, NY, USA
         2. Istanbul, Turkey
         3. Barcelona, Spain
         4. Hong Kong, China
         5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
         6. Paris, France
         7. Jerusalem, Israel
         8. London, England
         9. Venice, Italy
         10. San Francisco, CA, USA


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