Return to Miami Beach

      Return to Miami Beach, Florida
        While staying in Delray Beach for part of the winter, we sojourned to Miami Beach with our guests to test my Walking Tour of Miami Beach (see earlier in February, 2009).  We were most interested in the Miami Holocaust Memorial, a very moving remembrance of the atrocities of World War II perpetrated on the European Jewish Community. We were mesmerized by the wall of history, which documents the major events and places during this time. The giant sculpture of a hand reaching to the sky, emaciated bodies clinging to it, is particularly dramatic and expressive. Then, there are also panels with thousands of names, contributed by families, of loved ones who were killed during this genocide.
        From here, we walked southwest into the Art Deco Historic District of Miami Beach to see the many examples of this interesting architecture. We also took a walk out to South Beach, the long strip of sand that attracts so many sun-worshippers, gods, goddesses, and wanna-be’s. Check out the accompanying photo album to see our pictures.


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