Rivers of the USA — the Midwest

Some of the notable rivers of the world are found in places frequented by travelers. These rivers are often showcased as an integral part of the tourist attraction itself. In addition, many of them serve as vehicles for the exploration of the area. This series will spotlight some of these important Rivers of the USA.

This edition features rivers of the USA found in the Midwestern part of the country.

Ohio River, Pittsburgh, PA — Formed at the confluence of the Allegany and the Monagahela Rivers, the Ohio River continues westward until it empties into the Mississippi River.

Three Rivers area of Pittsburgh

Chicago River, Chicago, IL — Once polluted and disgustingly dirty, the Chicago River has been cleaned up and now has become a focal point as it winds its way through the downtown.

Chicago River

Mississippi River — America’s largest and most beloved river bisects the country as it lazily flows from Minnesota to New Orleans. It has long been associated with commerce and trade since it is navigable for almost its entire length.

Steamboat on the Mississippi River

San Antonio River, San Antonio, TX — Another river that winds its way through an urban downtown, the San Antonio River has been the catalyst for one of the world’s most dramatic city transformations. San Antonio’s Riverwalk attracts thousands of visitors to the city annually.

Riverwalk (Paseo del Rio)


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