Road Trip 2013

We began our ROAD TRIP yesterday, leaving Del Ray Beach, Florida and headed ultimately for home in Rhode Island with numerous detours along the way. We started with great expectations, as I always do on road trips. However, our grand plan for the first day was throttled immediately. Instead of our planned early start to the day, we got tied up due to a medical (not serious) issue. Since we did not leave Del Ray until after 9 AM, we were unable to reach the Callaway Gardens, in Pine Mountain, Georgia, before closing time. I had planned to show Lee the gardens during the height of azalea season, since the first time we came here it was during the summer. Callaway dazzles during the early spring because of the gorgeous azalea plantings all along the garden roads.

Anyway, we simply drove to our way station, in LaGrange, Georgia, and tried to get a good night’s sleep to be fortified for our journey to Memphis, Tennessee today.

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