ROAD Trips – Cross Austria on the A-1

     This route connects Austria two most popular tourist destinations, Salzburg, in the west, and Vienna in the east. Stretching across the northern part of the country, roughly parallel with the German border, this highway accesses some of the country’s most exciting attractions.
     Salzburg – The city of Mozart celebrates the accomplishments of the famous composer and was also the setting for the beloved stage and movie musical, The Sound of Music. Fans of the movie love to visit the sites which formed the backdrop for the dark, pre-World War II drama about the rise of Adolf Hitler.
     Linz – This city on the Danube has several sites, including the Castle, the Plague Column, and several important churches.
     Melk – The beautiful and opulent Melk Abbey is the draw here, in this small community on the Danube River. Explore the grounds of this impressive monastery, now a World Heritage Site.
     Vienna – This city on the Danube is one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. Grand palaces and stately architecture abound in this, the city of the waltz.


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