ROAD Trips – Cross Germany on the A-9

       This popular route links the important cities of Berlin and Munich and runs basically north to south. Along the way, there are a number of significant stops for the tourist. A photo album will follow this post.
      Berlin – Germany’s capital is perhaps most famous as the divided city which endured an extremely tense period immediately following World War II until the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Now, the unified city has emerged as one of the most important in Europe.
     Liepzig – This city has witnessed much European history. Perhaps the most significant event was the so-called Battle of Nations, one the few defeats of Napolean in Europe. A large memorial to this battle is one of the city most popular attractions.
    Bamberg – This city is known for its beer. It also has a delightful Old Town which is a pleasure to stroll.
    Nurnberg – Nuremberg, as it was called, is, of course, world famous as the setting for the Nuremberg Trials, when Nazi war criminals were tried for their atrocities during World War II.
    Dachau – This was one of the "camps" where Jews and other persecuted groups were sent during the Holocaust. The concentration camp offers grim reminders of this black period in the history of humanity.
    Munich – The setting for Oktoberfest, the popular beer-drinking fiesta, Munich is also the capital of Bavaria, the most popular tourist region in Germany. It is loaded with important sights for the visitor and is the most common base of operations for an exploration of the entire region. 


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