ROAD Trips – Cross Spain and Portugal on E-90

      The peninsula of Iberia is composed of Spain and Portugal. This highway traverses the entire region from Barcelona, Spain, in the southeast to Lisbon, Portugal, in the southwest. En route the road passes through many wonderful tourist attractions, so makes a good axis from which to access these places. A photo album will provide pictures of important stops along the way.
      Barcelona – This city is one of the most popular in Europe for the number and quality of its tourist sights. Architecture created by Antonio Gaudi is perhaps the most famous, including his still-unfinished Sagrada Familia Church, but there are many other attractions as well.
      Zaragoza – Some of the must-see sights within this old, Moorish city include its Cathedral (La Seo), the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, and the Moorish castle known as Ajaferia.
      Madrid – Here the traveler can visit Spain’s Royal Palace, Palacio Real, Spain’s most famous square, the Plaza Mayor, the country’s best museum, The Prado, and its most glorious traffic circle, Plaza de Cibeles, among a host of other attractions which require a minimum three-day stay to adequately explore.
      Merida – A visit to this Spanish city is all about the Romans. There are many remains of Roman civilization here, some of which are remarkably well-preserved. Among these sights are the Roman Bridge, with its associated Alcazaba, the Arch of Trajan, an aqueduct, Circus Maximus, and an amphitheater.
      Lisbon – Portugal’s capital city has seen a resurgence lately in tourism. Its many important sights are easily accessible and well worth several days. The suburb of Belem is particularly interesting.
      Sintra – This royal city near Lisbon is famous for its castles and royal residences. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and appropriately so.


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