ROAD Trips – Cross USA on Interstate 25

      This highway extends from El Paso, Texas, on the border with Mexico, to northern Wyoming. In its transit, it passes through such important tourist locations as Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado, and Cheyenne, Wyoming. Much of its length skirts the front range of the Rocky Mountains, making this route particularly scenic.
      New Mexico
         White Sands National Monument – This stark landscape is visually stunning and so unusual that most visitors are truly amazed. Imagine miles and miles of sugar-white sand with only an occasional tuft of grass.
         Albuquerque – This sprawling southwestern city has preserved its quaint and pleasant-to-walk Old Town. The classic American road, Route 66, passes through the city and there are numerous Art Deco reminders of its past. Nearby is Sandia Peak which offers great views of the city and its surroundings.
         Santa Fe – This picturesque capital city has numerous examples of southwestern architecture, and, with its many artists, great opportunities for visitors with an interest in the Arts. Be sure to stroll along the main square and see the native crafts on display in front of the Palace of the Governors.
         Taos – About an hour or so north of Santa Fe is the town of Taos, a worthwhile excursion for those in the area. The biggest attraction here is Taos Pueblo, a World Heritage Site which preserves the communal living style of the Pueblo Indians. The HIgh Road to Taos (State Route 68) is an interesting and scenic drive.
          Royal Gorge – This "Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River" can be visited in Canon City, just west of Pueblo, Colorado. The bridge over the gorge is the highest suspension bridge over water in the world.
          Pike’s Peak – This famous 14,000 foot mountain is named for the American explorer, Zebulon Pike, and was the inspiration for the "purple mountain’s majesty" line of America the Beautiful. The auto road to the top is both breath-taking and scary, but worth the time and effort. Be aware that breathing is much more difficult at the peak because of the altitude.
          Garden of the Gods State Park – Near the base of Pike’s Peak, on the outskirts of Colorado Springs, this interesting state park has many unusual examples of the forces of erosion on the local sandstone. It is also popular with mountain-climbers.
          US Air Force Academy – The spectacular setting in the foothills of the Rockies is enhanced by the presence of military cadets parading in uniform around the campus and by the glorious chapel, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
          Rocky Mountain National Park – Just west of Loveland, Colorado, this incredibly scenic mountain landscape can be easily accessed by car or on foot via the many hiking trails within the park. Wildlife-spotting is another favorite activity for visitors.
          White-water Rafting – Available in many locations around the country now, this exhilarating activity is particularly popular on the Poudre River, just west of Fort Collins, Colorado.
          Cheyenne – This typical city of the Old West  has grown considerably since its frontier days, but still charms visitors with many reminders of these simpler, and often more dangerous days. It’s a great place to see a rodeo.
          Fort Laramie National Historic Site – Just northeast of Wheatland, Wyoming is another preservation of the Old West worth visiting. Many buildings of this former trading post and military outpost have been preserved for visitors to explore.
          Buffalo – The road (Route 16) from Buffalo to Ten Sleep, Wyoming is particularly scenic and worth several hours if time permits.


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