ROAD Trips – Cross USA on Interstate 81

     Not one of the true cross country routes, such as, Interstate 90 or 95, I-81 nevertheless traverses a large part of the country from Knoxville, Tennessee to the Canadian border near Watertown, NY. Because of its journey along and through the Appalachian Mountains, it is particularly scenic, for an interstate. There are also some interesting locations along the route which are mentioned below.
         Pigeon Forge – One of the major entry points into Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this typical access piont has loads of attractions to entice visitors. Dolly Parton’s Dollywood is perhaps the best example.
        Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Explore this forested paradise on foot or by car to see wildlife, relive the history of the region, or just admire the incredible scenery.
         Skyline Drive – This beautiful scenic route runs parallel to I-81 for miles. Hop on at Waynesboro, VA and take this limited-access highway through Shenandoah National Park to Front Royal, where you can return to I-81.
      West Virginia
         Harper’s Ferry National Historic Park – This place is famous for John Brown’s raid on the Armory here in 1859, one of the precipitating events prior to the Civil War.
         Gettysburg National Historical Battlefield – The fame of this pivotal battle of the Civil War is legendary. Not only did it mark a change in fortune for the South and overwhelm people with the number of dead and wounded, but it was also the scene of President Abraham Lincoln famous Gettysburg Address, a speech which defined him as president and also defined this horrible war which pitted brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor.
         Hershey – The Chocolate Town of Hershey is true to its theme — there are chocolate-reminders everywhere. In addition, Hershey Park is of interest to families.


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