ROAD Trips – Cross USA on Interstate 95

      I-95 stretches from Miami, Florida to Houlton, Maine and the Canadian border. It passes directly through the megalopolis which extends from Washington, DC to Boston, so is one of the busiest highways in the country. It also passes fairly close to the nation’s Atlantic shoreline and therefore incorporates many tourist areas associated with beaches and the ocean. Below are some of the numerous attractions one will find who desires to explore this corridor on America.
        Acadia National Park – The only national park in the northeast, this popular getaway features the rocky shore with its scenic vistas and abundant sea life. Entry to the park is usually from Bar Harbor, a charming coastal town.
        Ogunquit – A classic Maine coastal village, Ogunquit is a delight to walk, especially on the Marginal Way, a footpath which winds along the rugged coast.
        Rockport – One of the state’s classic fishing villages is also famous for its many artists. Stop here for several hours and enjoy the atmosphere of the harbor area and the many shops and restaurants.
        Boston – This great city combines an omnipresent air of history with the vibrance and exuberance of its many colleges and learning centers. It also possesses world-class museums.
      Rhode Island
         Providence – The smallest state’s capital echoes with history and a new face as the transformation (perhaps Renaissance) of its downtown has propelled it onto the tourist scene. If your visit is between May and October, try to catch a Waterfires event and be mesmerized.
         Newport – This former playground of the wealthy has capitalized on its notoriety and long been a major tourist destination in the northeast. There is also a great maritime heritage here — it was once the exclusive location of the America’s Cup competition.
         Mystic – This town has a whaling museum, an aquarium, and a cute village of shops, most with a maritime theme.
      New York
         New York City – This tourist magnet deserves every consideration it gets when world destinations are discussed. To adequately do this city requires nearly a week, and there will still be things that can’t be seen because of time constraints.
      New Jersey
         Liberty State Park – Here is a much easier place to access the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, without the incredible lines that form in Battery Park, Manhattan.
         Philadelphia – Philadelphia is another city, like Boston, which combines a rich history with more topical venues for a total tourist experience. Independence National Historical Park is the most popular spot for visitors.
         Longwood Gardens – These are perhaps the nation’s premier botanical gardens, located in Kennett Square, just south of Philadelphia. They are part of the former estate of Pierre Dupont.
          Baltimore – Spend some time in the city’s Inner Harbor area and become part of Baltimore’s revival. The area attracts thousands of visitors annually with its amusement-park-like atmosphere, and its many fine restaurants. Take a water taxi to one of Baltimore’s neighborhood enclaves or to Fort McHenry, where the Star Spangled Banner, America’s anthem, was written.
      District of Columbia
         Washington, DC – The US capital is replete with treasures, from the many buildings of the Smithsonian Museum to the inspiring and moving memorials on the National Mall. Like New York, this city requires a lengthy stay or numerous short ones to adequately explore its many attractions.
         Alexandria – This bedroom community of Washington has much more to offer the tourist than just a place to stay. The Old Town is pleasant to explore, plus Mount Vernon and Arlington are just a few miles away.
         Williamsburg – This is America’s premier open-air museum, with residents dressed as they would have looked in the late 1700’s and the many Colonial buildings on display.
      South Carolina
         Myrtle Beach – This seashore community is well-developed as a beach location as well as a Mecca for golfers. It sits on the northeastern coast of the state.
         Charleston – Here is an opportunity to sample a bit of the Old South, with its stately mansions, tree-lined streets, and plantations.
          Savannah – When William Oglethorpe founded the Georgia colony, he began in Savannah and even designed the layout of the city. Heritage-conscious citizens of the city have preserved much of the original design, centered on public squares which offered rest and shade during the hot summers. A walking tour of the city allows visitors to stroll these squares and appreciate the ambience.
          St Augustine – America’s oldest city was founded in 1565, over forty years before Jamestown. The Spanish influence is very noticeable still, as is the impact of Henry Flagler, the railroad magnate who built many of the lovely structures which still adorn the streets of this charming town.
         Miami Beach – South Beach has become a Mecca for the "beautiful people" of the world, to come and show off their bodies and to revel in the nightlife. It’s also fun to explore the beach area, admiring the many Art Deco buidlings and perhaps stopping in at the moving Holocaust Memorial.
         Everglades National Park – This large area west of Miami preserves an important wetland with its abundant wildlife and its role as a nursery for numerous aquatic and aerial species. 


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