Spotlight on Bermuda


             Bermuda is a small group of lonely islands in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, over 1000 kilometers (about 650 miles) off the coast of North Carolina.  The people of the island, however, seem anything but lonely. They are friendly and happy-go-lucky and seem content with their location, probably for several reasons.  First of all, the islands of Bermuda are strikingly beautiful, with beautiful white or pink sand beaches and a lush, green interior. Secondly, Bermuda has been a major vacation paradise for so many years that there are always visitors to the island to make the atmosphere festive and exuberant. It is a regular stop for many cruise ships and has long been a favorite honeymoon destination.

            Hamilton is the island’s capital and center for much of its commerce and tourism. Adorable Front Street, with its multi-colored pastel buildings, lies along the waterfront and is the major hub for activity.

            The town of St George, which dates to 1612, was the island’s first capital and has some interesting historical buildings. Note the Stocks and Pillory in King’s Square and St Peter’s Church, the oldest Anglican Church in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere, on Duke of York Street.  Also check nearby Fort St Catherine, which dates to the early 1600’s.

            On the opposite side of the island is the Royal Naval Dockyard with its Keep, the largest fortification on the island.

            Other sights and activities include the Crystal Caves, as well as numerous opportunities for water sports or golf.


            Gary’s Gem:

                        1. Stop at the Swizzle Inn either on the way to or from the airport, to

sample its famous Rum Swizzle, one of the island’s signature drinks.

                        2. The National Drink of Bermuda is a concoction called a Dark and Stormy, a combination of Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer — incredibly delicious and potent!


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