Spotlight on Bern, Switzerland


            Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is a beautiful, walled medieval city. The Old Town is compact, pleasant to walk, and loaded with charm. It is, fittingly, a UNESCO World Heritage Site   At one entrance to the town is the Bear Pit, a deep enclosure for the brown bears which symbolize Bern.  Other significant attractions include the elaborate Glockenspiel (Clock Tower) which has parading figures on the hour (arrive early for a good view of the workings).  The Munster (Cathedral) dominates the skyline. Note the carved scenes of heaven and hell above the main entrance.  Streets are narrow and buildings exude a spirit of “old” with their dark gray stone.


            Gary’s Gem: 

                       1. Cross the river and climb the steep path to the Rose Garden for glorious views of the city and its rooftops on the banks of the Aare River.

                       2. Check out my walking tour of Bern, found in the archives on 11-8-08.


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