Spotlight on Death Valley National Park, USA


             Death Valley National Park is an eerily beautiful area with considerable contrast in its geology.  The park is huge (the largest in the contiguous United States) and the sights are many miles apart so one visit may not be enough to see the entire park. Summertime is not the time to go since it is easily the hottest spot in North America.  The many stops along the highways offer interesting insights into the formation and evolution of the area.

            Particular sights which should not be missed include Badwater, the lowest spot in the Western Hemisphere (282 feet/93 meters below sea level), the Devil’s Golf Course, an unusual landscape of rock salt spires, Dante’s View for a panoramic view of the Valley, and Scotty’s Castle, an interesting ranch house in the middle of nowhere.


            Gary’s Gem: 

                        Be sure to take a side trip along Artist’s Drive to admire the strikingly beautiful colored rocks


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