Spotlight on Nashville, TN, USA


            The Grand Ole Opry, in Nashville, Tennessee, is the nation’s longest-running radio program. The original venue, in downtown Nashville, has been abandoned in favor of a 4,400 seat auditorium on the grounds of Opryland (now the Gaylord Opryland), just outside the city. Tickets are available in advance.

            Because of its extensive musical heritage, the city of Nashville is known as “Music City USA” and anyone with a desire to become a recording artist has probably spent some time here. In particular, it is the center of Country Music for not only the USA but the whole world.

            Opryland was a major theme park for many years, with thrill rides and other activities focusing on music in general. It went out of business for a while but has reopened and attracts many visitors each year.

            Nashville is also the northern terminus for the Natchez Trace Parkway which began its life as an Indian trail, then a pioneer trail during the period of westward expansion in the United States. Now it has evolved into a historic drive from Natchez, Mississippi to just south of Nashville, Tennessee, a total distance of almost 720 kilometers (450 miles). Along the route are numerous historical points of interest. The Visitor Center in Tupelo, Mississippi offers information and displays.

            Also in the vicinity is The Hermitage, President Andrew Jackson’s estate, which has been restored as a museum to the colorful chief executive and general.


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