Spotlight on the Hudson Valley, NY, USA


   New York’s Hudson Valley extends from Albany south to New York City. Because the river has always been navigable by large boats, it has spawned a plethora of communities tied to the river, both physically and culturally.  Among the many tourist destinations in the valley, are Hyde Park, the former estate of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, West Point, the United States Army’s Military Academy, which offers guided tours of the grounds, Albany, capital of the state of New York, with its dramatically situated Nelson A Rockefeller Empire State Plaza, as well as access to the Catskill Mountains with its many resorts and recreational areas.


            Gary’ Gem:

                       1. While in the vicinity of West Point, take the George W Perkins Memorial Drive to Bear Mountain State Park for some great views of the Hudson Valley. The drive is especially scenic in the autumn.

                       2. North of Albany, there are two (2) special areas of note: Saratoga Springs and Lake Placid. Both of these locations have special significance and can be included in a trip to Albany.


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