Spotlight on the Olympics — Summer 1896

For those who wondered where I have been the past few days, we have been without power for two, long, agonizing days. It’s amazing what we take for granted and only appreciate when it is gone.

In honor of the fact that Boston (right down the road from us) was being considered for the 2024 Olympics, albeit short-lived, let’s take a look at the places where the Olympics have been held over the years.

Summer 1896 — The first Modern Day Olympics were held, appropriately, in Athens, Greece, not far from the location where the Ancient Olympics were held year after year. The games lasted from April 6th through the 15th and included participation from fourteen (14) countries (although that number is disputed). Most of the events took place at the Panathenaic Stadium, renovated for this occasion. Greece garnered the most medals (40) although the USA won the most gold (11).


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