Spotlight on the Olympics — Summer 1968

Now that Boston (right down the road from us) was being considered, albeit for a short time, for the 2024 Olympics, for the first time I might add, let’s take a look at the places where the Olympics have been held over the years.

1968 Summer Games — The first Olympic games held in Latin America were awarded to Mexico City, Mexico, and held from October 12th to the 27th of this year. These games were the highest ever in elevation (2240 meters or 7350 feet). This particular phenomenon was probably responsible for so many world records falling. Americans Tommie Smith & John Carlos protested by wearing black gloves on the medal stand. They were banned from the Olympics for life. ¬†Al Oerter won his fourth gold medal in the discus to become only the second athlete to accomplish that feat. The inauguration of the Fosbury Flop in the high jump occurred here. The United States won the medal count with 107 and also garnered the most golds with 45.

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