Spotlight on Williamsburg, VA, USA


            Williamsburg, Virginia is an authentic, recreated/restored 18th century city which operates as if in a time capsule to give the visitor a glimpse of life in Colonial America during the 1770’s.  In reality, it is a huge outdoor museum and well worth the price of admission.  There are always events, activities and demonstrations, so a stop at the Visitor Center is a must. Several orientation films are shown frequently throughout the day.  Schedule your self-guided walk to take in several presentations.  Even meals in the complex’s restaurants are much as they would have been during the days of early America. 

            Must sees within the complex include the Governor’s Palace, with its Georgian décor and display of hundreds of weapons (designed to impress the colonists with England’s power and might). Other buildings which are interesting are the Randolph House, the Courthouse, and the Jail.  Throughout, villagers in authentic costumes act out the daily life of the colony.  It is a fascinating experience.  

            Nearby is Busch Gardens, one of America’s major theme parks, which entertains visitors with thrill rides and other types of activities.  There are two venues in the United States: Williamsburg and Tampa Bay, Florida.  Besides the amusement park rides, Busch Gardens’ theme focuses on wildlife. Both parks contain extensive areas of wildlife habitat for viewing.

            A possible excursion from Williamsburg lies east of the area at Virginia Beach, a popular destination during the summer months because of the extensive beach area for swimming, the boardwalk, and the many other types of recreation which have been attracted to the area.  It also provides an excellent base of operations for the exploration of the entire Hampton Roads area of Virginia because of the availability of hotel rooms throughout the year.


            Gary’s Gem: 

                        1.  At Williamsburg, don’t miss the “Interview with Patrick Henry”, repeated several times during the day.

                        2.  Take a drive along the Colonial Parkway which links Williamsburg with Yorktown, sight of the British surrender that marked the end of the Revolutionary War, and with Jamestown, location of the first Virginia colony in 1607. Stops at each of these areas are also worthwhile, if time permits.


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