The Seven Man-Made Wonders of Scotland & Wales

      These two countries, part of Great Britain, fiercely protect their individuality and their culture. Human habitation has been evident for thousands of years, so there are a wealth of site which fit this category. Here is my list of the seven man-made wonders of this region. A photo album will follow.
      1. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland. St Margaret’s Chapel, on the castle grounds, dates to the 12th century and is the oldest surviving structure in Edinburgh. The city’s famous Military Tattoo takes place on the esplanade in front of the castle. The castle is an impressive fortification, high on a hill at one end of the Royal Mile. It still contains the Scottish Crown Jewels.
      2. Caenarfon Castle, Caenarfon, Wales. This huge castle complex was constructed in 1283 by Edward I of England and was one of a series of fortifications which formed his "iron ring."  The crenulated masterpiece is strategically located on the banks of the Seiont River where it flows into the Menai Strait
      3. Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland. This elegant residence has been the home of Scottish monarchs since the 15th century. The northwest tower contains a suite of rooms occupied by Mary, Queen of Scots. The palace was originally built as a monastery in 1128. There are still ruins of the Abbey adjacent to the palace.  
      4. Cardiff Castle, Wales. This castle in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, had its origins in 1091 AD. Later it was expanded to become a fortified royal palace. Its towers and its sumptuous apartments are visually stunning.
      5. Glamis Castle, Scotland. This castle is the stuff of legends — it is featured in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and is considered to be haunted. Its plasterwork ceilings are noted for their detail.
      6. Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews, Scotland. This masterpiece, the second oldest golf club in the world, dating to 1754, is frequently the site of the British Open Golf Championship and attracts the best professional golfers from around the world.
      7. St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland. The High Kirk of Edinburgh is the mother church of Presbyterianism. Its distinctive hollow crown tower dominates the center of the Royal Mile. Parts of the structure date to 1120 AD.
       Other sights considered:
          Beaumaris Castle, Wales
          St David’s Cathedral, Wales
          Wallace Monument, Scotland
          Conwy Castle, Wales
          Culzean Castle, near Glasgow, Scotland


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