Top 10 London

    London is one of the world’s premier cities and has a considerable number of attractions to interest the traveler. It is actually to narrow the number down to ten, but here is my take on the best of London. A photo album will follow tomorrow.
     1. Tower of London. Visitors are escorted by a knowlegeable "beefeater" through the grounds of this facility which has been a Royal residence, a prison, a fortress and still houses England’s Crown Jewels.
     2. Tower Bridge. Close to the Tower of London (hence the name), this extremely distinctive and photogenic bridge allows pedestrian, vehicular and boat traffic across and on the Thames.
     3. Big Ben & Parliament. This huge complex which dominates the riverfront is recognized all over the world for its exquisite architecture and its iconic bell tower, actually known as St Stephen’s Tower.
     4. Westminster Abbey. This incredible church, which has been the venue for the coronation of English monarchs for hundreds of years, is also a necropolis for famous and Royal English men and women. There are also commemorative plaques for England great literati.
     5. Buckingham Palace. The urban residence of the Queen is a huge, stately mansion and the scene of a daily "Changing of the Guard" filled with pomp and circumstance.
     6. St Paul’s Cathedral. Here is the place where Prince Charles and Diana were married, a ceremony witnessed by much of the world through the magic of television. The church is the masterpiece of Christopher Wren who practically rebuilt London after its devastating fire in 1666.
     7. British Museum. This museum is home to millions of artifacts, the spoils from England’s conquests and world domination in the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of its greatest holdings are the Rosetta Stone and marble carvings from the Parthenon in Athens.
     8. Royal Parks of London. The city of London possesses great expanses of greenery, thanks to opening of these Royal Hunting Grounds and Gardens to the public. Stroll through Hyde Park and express your feelings at Speaker’s Corner or visit the Diana Memorial; Regent’s Park contains the London Zoo; admire the Albert Memorial and the statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.
     9. Trafalgar Square. This large square is one of London’s most popular gathering places. It is located in the Westminster section of the city, so is convenient to many of London’s most famous attractions. The centerpiece of the square is the Nelson column, dedicated to Admiral Horation Nelson.
      10. Harrod’s Department Store. Here is one of the world’s greatest shopping venues. Harrod’s has everything and the displays of goods is truly artwork. The building itself and its ornamentation are also outstanding — it’s a total sensory experience.
     Other sights considered:
          National Gallery
          Covent Garden
          Globe Theater
          Excursion to Greenwich
          Picadilly Circus
          The London Eye


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