Top 10 Prague

     Prague is the "Paris" of Eastern Europe and has become an extremely popular destination. It is beloved because much of its outstanding architecture was not totally destroyed during World War II or during its years behind the Iron Curtain. It possesses a charm and elegance which is extremely attractive, and has a multitude of attractions to interest travelers. These are my choices of the best of this lovely city.
      1. Prague Castle. High on a hill overlooking the city and the Vltava River, the castle dominates the landscape of Prague. It is not a single building but rather a complex of structures which will take the tourist hours to adequately explore.
       2. Charles Bridge. This distinctive bridge over the Vltava River is lined with religious statues and flanked by towers at each end. It is pedestrian-only so has become a true gathering place, with street vendors, entertainers, and crowds of people almost anytime of the day or night.
       3. Old Town Square. Certainly one of the most beautiful and elegant squares in all of Europe, this crowded expanse is bordered by stately, pastel-colored buildings, interesting churches, and many restaurants and shops.
       4. Municipal House. Here is an Art Nouveau masterpiece which must be explored, inside and out. Visiting hours are extremely limited so check ahead.
       5. Karlstejn Castle. This popular excursion, several miles southwest of the city, is a classic European castle with turrested walls and a prominent location above the small town.
       6. Wenceslas Square. This large, oblong square is difficult to maneuver because of the hordes of people and the presence of automobiles. It is extremely historic as the scene of Czechoslavakia’s declaration of independence from  Russian rule in 1989 in the movement known as the Velvet Revolution.
       7. St Vitus Cathedral. This large church is perhaps the most prominent structure on the Prague Castle grounds. This Gothic edifice is the largest and most important church in the Czech Republic.
        8. Astronomical Clock. Death strikes the time while Apostles parade every hour in this fascinating timepiece located on Old Town Square (see above). It is part of Prague’s Town Hall and is a favorite with tourists so get in position early for a good view.
        9. Jewish Quarter. Prague, prior to World War II had one of the largest Jewish populations in Europe. Its Jewish Quarter was significant and influential, and there are still parts of this area which remind tourists of this influence. Visit the Old-New Synagogue and the Jewish Cemetery to appreciate its history.
        10. Mala Strana. This area, located just over the Charles Bridge and below the Castle District, is called the Lower Quarter and is interesting because of its numerous examples of Baroque architecture. Notable structures include St Nicholas Church and the Wallenstein Palace.
        Other sights considered:
           Powder Tower
           Golden Lane
           Dancing House
           National Museum


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