Top 10 Sydney

     Sydney, Australia, is an extremely popular tourist destination. Part of the allure is the people of Australia who are known to be very friendly and extremely fun-loving, the kind of people that everyone likes to be around. The other aspect is the Australian continent itself with its incredibly unusual and different creatures and its many natural wonders. The city of Sydney is the main gateway into this intriguing land and has a number of attractions which tantalize visitors before they travel to the rest of the continent. Here are my choices for the best of Sydney, to be followed soon by a photo album.
       1. Visit the Sydney Opera House – Whether it be for a tour of the facility or to attend an event, this is Sydney’s must-see attraction, an iconic building which is recognized all over the world.
       2. Take a Harbor Cruise – There is no better way to appreciate this picturesque city than a cruise of the harbor. It also provides the best view of the Opera House (see above).
       3. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge – Another iconic structure in the city, the harbor bridge gives visitors a bird’s eye view of the entire city, particularly the Opera House (see above). The climb is extremely safe, with participants tethered at all times.
       4. Spend a Day at Bondi Beach – Certainly one of the most famous beaches in the world, this strip of sand south of the city is a beehive of activity, especially during Australia’s summer. Beach volleyball and surfing are just two of the many types of beach and water activities which visitors can engage in.
       5. Go on an Excursion to the Blue Mountains – Just fifty or so miles from the city is a spectacular wilderness area waiting to be explored. This most popular day trip from Sydney is well-developed as a tourist attraction with many different types of transport into the area — there are sky rides, trains, walking trails, etc.
       6. Get Tranquil at the Royal Botanic Gardens – Escape from the hustle and bustle with a visit to this place of refuge filled with flowers and birds. While here, wander around Farm Cove to Mrs Macquaries Chair for great views of the harbor and the Opera House.
       7. Stroll the Manly Scenic Walkway – From the harbor, take this coastal walkway north to the town of Manly, a distance of approximately seven miles.
       8. Ascend the Sydney Tower – This is the tallest building in the city and provides an observation deck at a height of 820 feet with spectacular views of the city below.
       9. Jenolan Caves – This World Heritage Site can be found west of Sydney, beyond Blue Mountain National Park (see above). They are the best known caves in Australia. The complex consists of eight (8) caves.
       10. Wander along Circular Quay – This harbor promenade gives visitors the opportunity to see a major harbor in action. It also provides wonderful views, especially of the Opera House (see above). It’s also a great place to take a harbor cruise (see above).
        Other sights considered: 
           The Rocks
           Sydney Aquarium
           Royal National Park
           Wonderland Sydney
           Hyde Park


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