Top 100 Tourist Attractions in America — #66-70

Here are Gary’s choices for the Top 100 tourist attractions in the United States of America. The best of the hundreds of popular places to visit in the USA are presented in descending order.

Historical sites make up the majority of this installment of Gary’s top 100 tourist attractions in America.

70. Monticello, Charlottesville, VA — The home of America’s third president and writer of the Declaration of Independence is an engineering marvel and an fanciful look at this Renaissance Man.


69. Independence Hall/Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, PA — The birthplace of America is celebrated in the Independence National Historical Site that is Old Philadelphia. See where the Declaration of Independence was discussed and signed and the bell which announced the news that a new republic was born.

Inside Independence Hall

68. South Beach, Miami Beach, FL — A Mecca for the young, fit, and wealthy, this enclave also features the greatest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the US.

Art Deco Buildings in Miami Beach

67. White Mountains, NH — This region has been a major vacation area for New Englanders for over a hundred years. It is popular during any season since there are a variety of activities available, especially for children.

Covered Bridge, Jackson, NH

66. Gettysburg National Battlefield — The pivotal and costliest (in lives) battle of the Civil War was fought here, in a small, rural community in southern Pennsylvania in 1863. It was also here where President Abraham Lincoln delivered perhaps his greatest speech.



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