Top 40 Tourist Attractions in Canada — #11-15

Canada is a huge country, the second largest in the world. It is replete with incredible natural areas, and, as it has grown in population, its cities have taken their place among the world’s greatest. In this series, I will explore the top 40 tourist attractions in Canada as we tour this wonderful land.

Several of Canada’s most appealing cities are included in this installment of the top 40 tourist attractions in Canada. Natural beauty is here as well.

15. Mont-Tremblant, Quebec — This adorable skiing Mecca is nestled in the Laurentian Shield Mountains, northwest of Montreal. Visitors frequent the village during other seasons of the year as well.

Travelers Square, Mont-Tremblant

14. Citadel & Waterfront, Halifax, Nova Scotia — The capital of Nova Scotia is a charming city with life that revolves around its well-developed waterfront.

Halifax Citadel Clock Tower

13. Jasper National Park, Alberta — This companion of Banff National Park is accessible via the spectacular Icefields Parkway (see #7 below).

Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park

12. Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia — The Cabot Trail is one of Canada’s most spectacular scenic drives as it winds around the outer edge of Cape Breton.

Cabot Trail

11. CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario — The tallest free-standing structure in the world dominates the skyline of one of Canada’s most modern and dynamic cities.

CN Tower

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