Top 40 Tourist Attractions in Canada — #36-40

With incredible natural beauty from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada is a wonderful place to visit. In particular, there are several exciting and cosmopolitan cities and charming villages as well as numerous natural areas.

This first installment of the top 4o tourist attractions in Canada includes several places of great natural beauty and an exciting amusement park.

40. Bow Valley Parkway, Banff, British Columbia — For a lovely scenic drive just outside the city of Banff, take the Bow Valley Parkway. You will see mountains, lakes and much wildlife.

Elk along Bow Valley Parkway

39. Pacific Rim and Gulf Islands National Parks, British Columbia — Canada has preserved these two beautiful reserves so that future generations can enjoy them.

Gulf Islands National Park

38. Columbia Icefield, Jasper National Park, Alberta —

Snocoaches on the Columbia Icefield

37. Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia — These beautiful gardens celebrate the French and English history of this valley.

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

36. Ontario Place, Toronto, Ontario — This popular amusement park lies along the Lake Ontario coast, in view of Toronto’s fantastic skyline.

Ontario Place, Toronto


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