Top 40 Tourist Attractions on the Iberian Peninsula — #21-25

The Iberian Peninsula is located in the southwestern corner of Europe and consists of Spain and Portugal. The connection of the peninsula to the rest of Europe is punctuated by the Pyrenees Mountain Range. Spain and Portugal, because of their proximity to Northern Africa have Moorish roots (for approximately 500 years) along with Roman influences (since the region was conquered in the Second Punic War). The two countries have millions of visitors each year who come to see the many cities and towns with their rich histories.

A small republic, several palaces, a lovely college town, and a reminder of Don Quixote round out this group of the top 40 tourist attractions on the Iberian Peninsula.

25. Palacio Real, Madrid, Spain — The Royal residence of Spanish kings since the 1500’s, this palatial mansion rivals chateaus such as Versailles in size and splendor.

Palacio Real

24. Andorra — This tiny principality is sandwiched between Spain and France in the Pyrenees Mountains. Its major resource is tourism.

23. Burgos, Spain — The town’s monumental cathedral is the main draw here. The building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site by itself.

22. La Mancha, Consuegra, Spain — Visions of Don Quixote tilting at windmills are the images evoked by this fantastic scene in central Spain, south of Madrid.

La Mancha

21. El Escorial, San Lorenzo el Escorial, Spain — This monastery/Royal residence/church/museum is still used for religious purposes. The crypts of numerous Spanish kings and their families are interred under the palace.

El Escorial

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