Top 50 Tourist Attractions in Austria, Germany, & Switzerland — #11-15

A visit to Austria, Germany, and/or Switzerland is a wonderful experience. There are many fabulous palaces and castles, several architecturally stunning cities, and numerous small towns, perfectly landscaped and presented. There is enough history to satisfy the most curious and plenty of great museums, as well.

Here are Gary’s top 50 tourist attractions in Austria, Germany, & Switzerland presented in descending order from less important to most important.

15. Rhine River Cruise, Germany — A delightful way to experience Western Germany is on a Rhine River Cruise. In particular, the stretch of the river between Koblenz and Mainz offers interesting towns and medieval castles.

14. Mittenwald, Germany — Famous for its painted houses, Mittenwald has a dramatic setting below the Bavarian Alps.


13. Oberammergau, Germany — Not far from Mittenwald (see #12 above), this village is known world-wide for its Passion Play, staged every ten (10) years.


12. Schonbrunn, Vienna, Austria — Another of the world’s most opulent palaces, Schonbrunn was the summer palace for Austrian rulers.

Schonbrunn Palace

11. Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, Germany — The quintessential fairy tale castle, this elaborate construction of King Ludwig II was used as a model for Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland.


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