Top 50 Tourist Attractions in Austria, Germany, & Switzerland — #31-35

A visit to Austria, Germany, and/or Switzerland is a wonderful experience. There are many fabulous palaces and castles, several architecturally stunning cities, and numerous small towns, perfectly landscaped and presented. There is enough history to satisfy the most curious and plenty of great museums, as well.

Here are Gary’s top 50 tourist attractions in Austria, Germany, & Switzerland presented in descending order from less important to most important.

35. Grossglockner Road, Land Salzburg, Austria — This scenic drive offer dramatic mountain scenery and captures the essence of the Austrian Alps.

34. Wieskirche, Wies, Germany — At the southern end of the Romantic Road, this Rococco church is the most elaborate in all of Germany.


33. Zurich, Switzerland — The primary gateway into Switzerland and the major banking center of Europe is this delightful city in the central part of the country.

32. Ettal Monastery, Ettal, Germany — One of Bavaria’s most beautiful churches is part of this monastery complex along a branch of the Romantic Road.

Ettal Monastery

31. Regensburg, Germany — Known primarily for its esteemed university, the interesting town sits on the Danube River and is a popular stop for river cruises in this region.


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