Top 50 Tourist Attractions in Austria, Germany, & Switzerland — #36-40

A visit to Austria, Germany, and/or Switzerland is a wonderful experience. There are many fabulous palaces and castles, several architecturally stunning cities, and numerous small towns, perfectly landscaped and presented. There is enough history to satisfy the most curious and plenty of great museums, as well.

Here are Gary’s top 50 tourist attractions in Austria, Germany, & Switzerland presented in descending order from less important to most important.

40.¬†Linderhof, near Mittenwald in southern Germany — Another of Mad King Ludwig’s castles, Linderhof features a Moorish Pavilion, elaborate gardens, and scenes from Lohengrin.

Moorish Pavilion

39. Basel, Switzerland — Another of the great cities of Switzerland, Basel is especially known for its museums and its charming Old Town.

Town Hall (Rathaus)

38. Trier, Germany — Germany’s oldest city and a place once known as Roma Secunda (Second Rome), Trier has long been an important center for trade, and more recently for wine.

37. Jungfraujoch, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland — The highest railroad station in the world combines incredible views of Switzerland’s dramatic Alps with a revolving restaurant.

36. Brandenburg Gate & Museums, Berlin, Germany — An icon of Germany, the Brandenburg Gate once symbolized the divided country. Now it is a symbol of rebirth and revitalization. Berlin has numerous quality museums besides its other tourist attractions.

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